Thursday, December 10, 2009

Top 10 singles of 2009!

The rest of the songs that deserved recognition include: Röyksopp Featuring Robyn "The Girl and the Robot", Miranda Lambert "Dead Flowers, Kid Cudi "Day N Night", Mr Hudson "Supernova", Kanye West "Amazing", Alicia Keys "Doesn't Mean Anything", Chris Brown "I Can Tranfsform Ya", Ne-Yo "Mad", Beyonce "Halo", Alphabeat "The Spell", Nelly Furtado "Mas", Lady Antebellum "Can't Take My Eyes Off You", Lily Allen "The Fear", Kenny Chesney "Out Last Night", Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Zero", Ciara & Justin Timberlake "Love Sex Magic", Daniel Merriweather & Adele "Water and a Flame", The Dream & Kanye "Walkin' On The Moon", Jay-Z "D.O.A.", Drake "Best I Ever Had", Ryan Leslie "How It Was Supposed To Be", Shakira "She Wolf", The Lonely Island "I'm On A Boat", Calle 13 "Movimiento Electrico", Drake Featuring Eminem, Kanye West & Lil'Wayne "Forever", Timbaland "Morning After Dark", Keri Hilson "I Like", Sugarland "It Happens", Rihanna "Wait Your Turn (The Wait Is Ova)" and Jamie Foxx "Blame It".

What do you think of my list? Who do you think deserves to be in the top 10?


  1. About time man!!! It has been months!! ;) Hope all is well in SA! I am watching the video right now...I'll let you know what I think of it!

  2. welcome back! i just saw you were on my blogroll and said hellz yea!

    i liked your list but you were missing stuff from green day and maybe zac brown band.

    anyways great list

  3. ART! Glad you are back and the songs you picked are great except for the lmfao song imo

  4. Deuces I totally agree with your list man. I loved it...its not like some of tha other blogs that have Lady Gaga Taylor Swift and Beyonce over and over.

  5. WTF no Taylor Swift?

  6. What happend to anything by the Jonas Brothers like Paranoid or Eminem??? Anywayz good list.

  7. You got it right, Art. Great video and the Marvin Gaye outro was unexpected but totally awesome!!! I can't wait to see some more vids.

  8. What is the name of the intro to your video? It sounds familiar!!!

  9. No Rihanna or Florida???!!!?????

    I love that you had when love takes over and la la la-my jams!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Maxwell is your best song on the list in my opinion followed by Beyonce. The list really just made me relive the whole year. Great job and didn't Poker Face come out in 2008? ;)

  11. I think the intro song is Lady GaGa's song Telephone. Anyways I totally agree where is Rihanna or Paramore?

  12. Sheeez this really made me go down memory lane this year great job!!!!!!

  13. So happy to see you are alive and blogging again I have missed your blog alot! BTW I am now in NY so you know I loved your #1 pick.

  14. Great song choices you really made me reminisce (i think i spelled that right) i would of picked halo over sweet dream though thanks welcome back

  15. You forgot to put Michael Jackson? JK! Great list I totally agree with the comment above that Halo was waaaaaaay better than sweet dreams.

  16. LOVE IT! I loved all those songs soooo much. Your list = awesomeness!!!

  17. I would have to disagree with your choices and remove lmfao and pink and replace them with Taylor Swift you belong with me and britney spears 3 or if you seek amy those songs were so much better than those you put. Also Jay-Z at #1? Maybe #2 this year it was a black eyed peas year!

  18. Yup the intro is Telephone by Lady GaGa & Beyonce'

  19. who the hell is this lmafo group? i agree with your pick however they are tight.

  20. OKAY where is Shakira with she wolf? Anyways that Pink song sucked...that her out and put Shakira. That new york song totally deserved to be #1!

  21. DUDE#!!! Welcome back. I was wondering what happened to you and I was on my blog and saw that you had a new post...I love it...very high-def. Keep up the great work and don't leave us again.

  22. GREEN DAY???? That's all I have to say!

  23. Have you heard of the Decemberists of Chester French...well you need tooo...they had some of the best singles out there!!! Do some research please and stay away from the POP crap!

  24. How can this list not have Britney Spears or Taylor Swift? C'mon!!!

  25. I totally agree with your list. It is legit and totally rockin', totally!!!

  26. What is this list "Now this is what I call music 2009" edition? You totally left out some of the stand out tracks this year like Lily Allen "The Truth" and Rihanna "Russian Roulette"...lyrically they are amazing...

  27. have you lost your marbles and ommited taylor swift? c'mon she was 2009.

  28. It was exciting waiting to see who was next on your top ten countdown...not once was I let down! Great job and welcome back. You should do one one the best songs of the century!

  29. You forgot to put in "Forever" by Eminem, Drake, Lil' Wayne & Kanye West!!!

  30. Ciara & Justin Love SEX and Magic???

  31. OMG this list rocks! Thanks!

  32. Okay I bet the reason britney and taylor were not on the list is b/c they are not artists but imposters...sorry...

    I totally agree with this list...all of those artists did an amazing job! Pink was on tour for 2 years doing acrobats and Beyonce had an amazing show for a full year....and taylor and britney...they lipsynched and got asked to shut the hell up by kanye and now we need to respect them??? no!

  33. I love your countdown those songs really made the year...maybe you could do an 11-20 with artist like FloRida, Jordin Sparks, Pitbull, Britney, Taylor Swift, Jason DeRulo, Rihanna and Chris Brown?

  34. Hands down the best song of the year should of been Miley Cyrus the climb....that song was incredible!!!

  35. What about video phone or bad romance???

  36. maxwell is the man! thanks for giving him and keri hilson some well deserved credit!

  37. My top 10 list:

    1. Britney Spears- 3
    2. Beyonce & Lady GaGa- Video Phone
    3. Lady GaGa- Bad Romance
    4. Leona Lewis- Happy
    5. Mariah Carey- Obsessed
    6. 3OH3!- Starstruck
    7. Black Eyed Peas- Boom Boom Pow
    8. Taylor Swift- You Belong With Me
    9. Miley Cyrus- Party In The USA
    10. Owl City- Fireflies

  38. i cannot believe you didn't mention taylor swift...or jamie foxx 'blame it'

  39. my turn to rate the top songs:

    1. Beyonce: Halo
    2. Taylor Swift: You Belong With Me
    3. Black Eyed Peas: I Got A Feeling
    4. Florida: Right Round
    5. Young Money: Every Girl
    6. Lil' Wayne: Prom Queen
    7. Madonna: Celebration
    8. Lady GaGa: Love Game
    9. Britney Spears: Circus
    10. Kelly Clarkson: My Life Would Suck Without You

  40. This is fun my turn to pick my top ten songs of 2009-

    1 nickelback all the right reasons
    2 the fray heartless
    3 zac brown band toes
    4 linkin park new devide
    5 afi medicate
    6 foo fighters wheels
    7 green day do you know your enemy
    8 marilyn manson were from america
    9 kings of leon use somebody
    10 disturbed the night

  41. dude great list it seems very accuarate

  42. you forgot to mention jordin sparks: battlefield, katy perry "waking up in vegas" and kelly clarkson "my life would suck without you"

  43. The Revelations Ft. Tre Williams – “How Do I Tell Him”
    Me’Shell NdegeOcello – “Love You Down”
    Anjulie – “Addicted2Me” or “Boom”
    Chantal Ambroise – “Sugar High”
    TK Soul – “Rehab”
    Robin Thicke – “Sex Therapy”

  44. Where is Chrisette Michelle’s “Epiphany”, Amerie’s “Why R U?”, Keyshia Cole’s “Trust” and Jazmine Sullivan’s “In Love With Another Man”?

  45. you missed the most obvious great song of the year: kid cudi 'day n night'!

  46. 1. VV Brown – Shark In The Water
    2. Volcano Choir – Island, IS
    3. Zomby – Helter Skelter
    4. Yes Giantess – Tuff ‘n’ Stuff
    5. BBU – Chi Don’t Dance
    6. Jay-Z – Empire State of Mind (ft. Alicia Keys)
    7. Bombay Bicycle Club – Always Like This
    8. The Big Pink – Dominoes
    9. Lady GaGa – Paparazzi
    10. St. Vincent – The Strangers
    11. The Dodos – Fables
    12. Hockey – Too Fake
    13. The Decemberists – The Rake’s Song
    14. Das Racist – Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell (Wallpaper Remix)
    15. Royksopp – The Girl and the Robot (ft. Robyn)
    16. Dirty Projectors & David Byrne – Knotty Pine
    17. The Sound of Arrows – Into The Clouds
    18. Pictureplane – Goth Star
    19. Metric – Help I’m Alive
    20. Miike Snow – Animal
    21. Little Boots – Remedy
    22. Fever Ray – When I Grow Up
    23. Neko Case – People Got A Lotta Nerve
    24. The Maccabees – Love You Better
    25. Pet Shop Boys – Did You See Me Coming?

  47. shakira – she wolf.
    jay-z ft rihanna- run this town
    faberdrive- Get up and dance
    cobrastar ship- good girls go bad
    jason derulo – Whatcha say

  48. rihanna & nicole s.-winning women
    chris brown-save me
    Dre/chris brown-erased and flying solo
    Jason Mraz-Lucky
    Keri Hsilson-turnin me on
    Leona Lewis-I will be
    Rihanna/the dream-livin a lie
    Soulja Boy-turn my swag on/kiss me thru the phone

  49. #1 song: BEYONCE ; DIVA? Heard of it?

  50. incubus - love hurts
    all american rejects - gives you hell
    taylor swift - white horse
    lady gaga - poker face

  51. right round- flo rida
    my life would suck without you-kelly clarkson
    afrika- carl wolf
    second chance- shinedown

  52. 1.Shakira "She Wolf"

    A killer track, with Shakira trying at least three different modes:

    (1) the song's happy principal flounce, Shakira a cyborg Dolores O'Riordan;

    (2) Shakira's occasional lycanthropy, transforming into a breathy sex animal (naturally, this is the principal interest of the song's video);

    (3) gentle, dewy Shakira - the one who quietly calls "awoo!" and skips along to "She Wolf"'s closing strings. And no complaints here.

  53. 2. Kid Cudi ft. Lady Gaga, Kanye West, Common & A-trak - "Make Her Say"

    I'm glad for the costumery (as pop-star uniform goes, it beats bellybutton rings), and I like some of the choruses, but I am still unsmitten with the whole cloth of Lady Gaga's songs. Kid Cudi has shrugged off such meditations, stolen a few of Gaga's best stutters, and tossed it into a marvelous, raunchy, rhyme-rich cut. So craftily put together, tight and slack at the same time.

  54. 3. Flaming Lips - "Watching the Planets"

    It's not that the Flaming Lips went back to their old sound - it's that they went back to their old habit of being astonishing. For Embryonic, they set aside the last decade's sour pop lullabies; instead they made something loose and cavernous, glimmering and secret. They rattled bones, chipped teeth, blew out the EQ. Here, with Karen O cooing down a wire, the Flaming Lips raze every dumb young idea to the ground.

  55. What about the Yeah Yeah Yeah's or the Ting Tings???

  56. I thought Rihanna's russian roulette was amazing...but maybe it came out too late in the year...your list is great thanks1

  57. jay sean 'down', bep 'boom boom pow' jadakiss 'letter to b.i.g.' mos def 'quiet dog'

  58. Successful by Drake ft Trey Songz & lil wayne
    Run This Town By Jay-z
    Best I ever Had by Drake
    Crack A Bottle - Eminem
    Beautiful - Eminem
    Every Girl - Young Money
    I know you want me - Pitbull
    Can't Stop Me - Jadakiss
    Magnificent - Rick Ross ft John Legend
    Always Strapped - Birdman ft Lil Wayne
    Wasted - Gucci Mane ft Plies
    I get it in - 50 Cent
    Jumpin out the window - Ron Browz
    Better on the Other Side - The game

  59. what about:

    Can't Catch Me- Young Buck
    Taking Hits-Young Buck
    Hit Em Up-Young Buck
    Stomp- Young Buck
    Da Blow-Lil Jon
    I put on- Young Jeezy n Kanye

  60. eminem "beautiful" should of been #1!

  61. i'm on a boat!!!!!

  62. Glee cast songs, hello?!

  63. i agree with your list 100% all those songs are amazing. thanks!

  64. Welcome back! Good list!

  65. You know I was looking at your blog and your list is not as predictable. Thanks.

  66. Seriously no Dave Matthews Band or Taylor Swift!?

  67. Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Zero" and Wilco's "Wilco (the song)" were amazing...what were you thinking putting pink or lady gaga?


  69. No U2, Yeah Yeah Yeahs or Bob Dylan...this is pop crap. sorry.

  70. i disagree...this list is exactly what the year consisted of....-taylor swift...but whatever....great list

  71. Florence and the Machine - Dog Days Are Over
    Miike Snow - Plastic Jungle
    Neko Case - Middle Cyclone
    Bedouin Soundclash - On My Block

  72. As Cities Burn - Pirate Blues
    Bon Iver - Blood Bank
    Bon Iver - Brackett, WI
    Built To Spill - Done
    Built To Spill - Things Fall Apart
    Caspian - Of Foam and Wave
    Cursive - What Have I Done?
    Dan Deacon - Snookered
    The Dangerous Summer - Weathered
    Dirty Projectors - Stillness Is The Move
    Doomtree - A Rickety Bridge
    Iron & Wine - The Trapeze Swinger ("officially" released on Around The Well, suck it)
    Kevin Devine - Brother's Blood
    P.O.S. - Purexed
    Propagandhi - Dear Coach's Corner
    Regina Spektor - Eet
    Regina Spektor - Dance Anthem of the 80's
    Manchester Orchestra - Shake It Out
    Manchester Orchestra - I Can Feel A Hot One
    Manchester Orchestra - The River
    Thursday - You Were The Cancer

  73. What about John Mayer "Edge of Desire" by far the best track of 2009!!!

  74. You totally went the popular crowd way...but here as some songs with some depth...listen to them when you get a chance :)

    The Dangerous Summer - Where You Want To Be
    The Dangerous Summer - Never Feel Alone
    All Time Low - Weightless (reason: Such an awesome song and I can relate to it in so many ways. Also crowd surfed for the first time during this song)
    Every Avenue - Picture Perfect (I can really relate to the lyrics, and plus it's probably one of the catchiest songs of the year for me)
    Manchester Orchestra - Shake It Out
    The Academy Is - New York (Saint in the City)
    Paramore - Where the Lines Overlap
    Say Anything - Ahhh... Men

  75. mariah carey touch my body...

  76. IMO best singles of the year:

    1. beyonce halo
    2. katy perry waking up in vegas
    3. florida right round
    4. kanye west heartless
    5. black eyed peas boom boom pow
    6. amerie heard 'em say
    7 lady gaga love game
    8. mariah carey obsessed
    9 jay z new york
    10 jason mraz lucky


    SEND IT ON: Miley Cyrus, Jonas Bros., Demi, Selena!!!

  78. Art,

    You forgot whitney houston's new single didn't know my own strength....both you and the grammy's forgot about her :(

  79. JET???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  80. Mandy Moore's newest LP was the best followed by Eminem...both absent from your list.

  81. You forgot an amazing song: Pussycat Dolls: I hate this part!!!!

  82. What about the new song by Madonna celebration an Lady GaGa Bad Romance??

  83. WTF No Metallica or Adam Lambert...I loved your top 5 however.

  84. welcome back man...i missed your blog...this is big! i loved it...please more vidz soooon!

  85. 1. Jay Z Ft. Alicia Keys - Empire State Of Mind
    2. Lady GaGa - Bad Romance
    3. Jason DeRulo - Watcha Say
    4. Owl City - Fireflies
    5. Black Eyed Peas - I Got a Feeling
    6. Jay Z - Run This Town
    7. Taio Cruz - Break Your Heart
    8. Kesha - Tik Tok
    9. Lady GaGa - Paparazzi
    10. David Guetta ft Akon - Sexy Chick
    11. Black Eyed Peas - Meet Me Halfway
    12. Jay Sean ft Lil Wayne - Down
    13. Britney Spears - 3
    14. Taylor Swift - Love Story
    15. Katy Perry - Waking Up In Vegas
    16. Pink - Sober
    17. Jordan Sparks - Battlefield
    18. Kings of Leon - Use Somebody
    19. Rihanna - Russian Roulette
    20. Black Eyed Peas - I Got a Feeling

  86. You must listen to "Standing on the Shore" by Empire of the sun....the by far the best song of the year!!!

  87. Totally agree with "Empire State of Mind" being #1

    That song is so classic. I wonder if you should of had either single ladies or halo for beyonce...sweet dreams isn't as impactful in my opinion...but nontheless this list is very good. thank you.

  88. The Dream & Kanye West totally deserved some recognition...that collabo was fire...but thank you for giving my GIRLLLLLLLLl Keri Hilson some love.

  89. OMG at that comment "i'm on a boat!"

    So I would of included taylor swift instead of pink...but your list was hella hot! great job brought back som great memories.

  90. Lady GaGa in Paparazi was amazing...her best to date!!!

    Also, Timbaland with his new song Morning After Dark!!!

  91. "Daniel" by Bat for Lashes is all I have to say!

  92. My pics:

    1. Paramore: Ignorance
    2. BEP: Boom Boom Pow
    3. Shakira: She Wolf
    4. Drake: Best I Ever Had
    5. Beyonce: Sweet Dreams
    6. Miley: Party In the USA
    7. Lil' Wayne: Prom Queen
    8. Taylor Swift: Love Story
    9. Zack Brown Band: Toes
    10. Miranda Lambert: Dead Flowers

  93. Yeah Yeah Yeahs 'zero' and Beyonce 'diva' and Green Day '21 Guns'

  94. Great list thanks. no complaints.

  95. Whitney Houston
    Melanie Fiona
    Taylor Swift????

  96. Kesha Tik Tok!!! Hello!

  97. I cannot believe there is no Taylor Swift or Sugarland on this list....

  98. What happened to Kid Cudi or Kanye West???

  99. I Need A Girl- Trey Lorenz
    Regrets- Latoya Luckett
    Break Up- Mario
    I Know You Want Me- Pitbull
    My Love- The Dream & Mariah
    Right Hand Hi- Kid Sister
    Trouble- Ginuwine

  100. CHRIS BROWN- I CAN TRANSFORM YA!!! Amazingness!!!

  101. Some more:

    Angels- Dirty Money
    Chillin' -Wale & Lady GaGa
    Not Anymore- LeToya Luckett
    The One- Mary J. Blige & Drake
    Knock You Down- Keri Hilson
    Blame It- Jamie Foxx
    Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart- Alicia Keys
    Battlefield- Jordin Sparks
    Wait Is Ova- Rihanna
    Bad Habits- Maxwell

  102. great list you should do them for genres tooo like r&b hip hop and country.

  103. most overrated song of the year: use somebody!

  104. hey art!!

    totally agree with your list i can't complain

  105. I just found your site on blogroll at another site and I must say that I love it....update more stuff please...its a cool site! I loved your video countdown...very accurate for me!

  106. HEY!!!! Great blog! I loved your mix tooooo! Just remember next year to include more alicia keys.

  107. welcome back bud. good list but a little poppy for my need some hardcore rap like kanye

  108. chris brown crawl please!!!

  109. Ke$ha Tik Tok and Lady GaGa Bad Romance need to be on that list!

  110. i love that you have maxwell on that....he is finally starting to shine!

  111. you have to include the songs by the jonas brothers!!

  112. yes yes and yes! you are so right on this one!

  113. I think the Whitney Snub was on purpose right, because its just plain bad...should of stayed gone!

  114. you must include the spell by alphabeats!

  115. what about shakira she wolf? that song was just amazing.

  116. michael buble's new song is to die for :)


  118. no taylor swift? sorry this list isn't complete.

  119. your list of those needing recognition is legit thanks for giving some of them credit

  120. best of the year is for sure empire state of mind but you should of mentioned alicia keys new singles!

  121. beyonce single ladies?

  122. Did you forget to mention The Dave Matthews Band and Green Day?

  123. After your Alicia Keys review you have to include the Empire State of Mind Part II. :)

  124. dave matthews band? hello!

  125. I really respect your list but I would of removed that pink song and put sober instead. Anyways I totally agree with you.

  126. Britney Spears "if you seek amy" was an amazing song!! C'mon!

  127. What about Taylor Swift? Did you forget her in your list?

  128. Jay-Z & Alicia Keys, you cannot go wrong there! Amazing song and it is #1 forever now!

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